Stage Combat / Blood and Gore Design

Jon and Kai love to teach. Continuing to educate the community in the safety and importance of effective stage violence is one of the reasons JK Fights exists. JK Fights believes that great stage combat training should be accessible to everyone at any stage of their career. And it shouldn’t just come around once a year in some suburban hotel ballroom, and break the bank while it’s at it.

Between them, Jon and Kai have over 15 years of experience teaching and training at the professional and amateur level. From Universities to back yards, classrooms to dojos, ages old and young, JK Fights is a duo that can educate all levels safely, efficiently, and funly (not a word).

Stage Combat Workshops are perfect for:

  • Theater Educators who want to add depth and variety to their class’s curriculum.

  • On-camera classes that need help navigating those thrilling action sequences.

  • Theater Companies that want to expand their ensembles physical vocabulary.

  • Directors who needs their cast to be confident and prepared for that big finale fight scene.

  • Fundraisers, theater camps, lightsaber birthday parties, Thai-Chi teatime, etc.​

Learning should never stop. Let JK Fights help teach you and your ensemble the fighting and physical skills they need to become better, well rounded, and effective storytellers.

​To learn and talk more about your upcoming Fight or Blood/Gore Design Workshop, contact us below!

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