Be as prepared as possible with the help of JK Fights

You’ve been called in for an important audition, and you have to fight with a broadsword, or partner up for a combat demo, or you need to take hit on camera. However, you’re a little rusty. You haven’t picked up a sword or thrown a punch since college, but you want to crush this audition and show the director you know you’re stuff.

Go forth and audition with confidence by letting JK Fights set you up for success! Jon and Kai will work with you one on one to get the upper hand in the audition room.

Private Lessons are perfect for:

  • Actors or performers who want to be as prepared as possible for an upcoming fight audition.

  • Actors who need some help preparing for an upcoming combat heavy role.

  • Directors or producers who need consultation for a production containing martial arts or physical/personal training.

  • Anyone interested in personal training or martial arts/tai chi lessons.

JK Fights is more than just stage combat. Jon is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Kai is a Ninong (Godfather) of the Garimot Martial Arts. Excellent actors never stop learning and growing in their craft and neither should you!

Reach out to JK Fights and let’s get to work.



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