Let JK Fights create a one-of-a-kind fight film, just for you.

Getting great fight reel footage in the past meant hiring a team, renting a camera, getting choreographers, finding locations, waiting months for the footage to finally get edited, etc. It can be costly, nerve-racking, and time consuming process. Here at JK Fights, we have streamlined the process by becoming your all-in-one package for great custom made fighting footage. With our wide range of custom options to choose from,   

From weapons to pads, locations to blood fx, filming to finished product, JK Fights has got the first to last steps covered.

Fight Reels are perfect for:

  • Actors who want to learn the tricks to fighting on-camera.

  • Proving your capability and range to potential or current acting agencies.

  • Anyone wanting to add range and versatility their acting reel.

  • Stunt people who want to expand and showcase their weapon portfolio.

  • Actors of all types who want that extra edge inside casting networks.

Signing up for a fight reel with JK Fights includes:​

  • Consultation session to make sure we build you your ideal film.

  • Rehearsal and teaching session with custom choreography built by JK.

  • All weapons, blood fx, pads and props provided.

  • Shoot day (locations and hours vary).

  • All post production (including editing, sound fx, music, intro, and credits) included.

Getting some great fighting footage through JK Fights is safe, fun, stress-free and efficient. We promise you will walk away with an awesome film of you kicking-ass and proving your name.  

To learn more and talk more about your upcoming Fight Reel, contact us below!



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