The mission of JK Fights is to use our years of training and professional experience in multiple fields of theatrical design and physical health to bring innovative, effective, and safe fight choreography to the stage and screen, and to give actors, directors and producers access to the skills and tools they need to tell amazing stories, well.

At JK Fights, we believe that, as actors and performers, our body is our most important tool, and we should train and teach our bodies as such. By becoming more physically capable and widening our body’s vocabulary, we become better and stronger storytellers and artists. JK Fights strives not only to choreograph fights and violence for the stage and screen, but also to train and educate all our clients to become physically confident and capable.



The 'J' in JK

Jon Beal has been acting, designing, and directing in Chicago for over ten years. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Jon has worked as an actor and designer for dozens of theater companies, including The House, Goodman, Victory Gardens, The Hypocrites, Steep Theatre, Sideshow Theatre, and Jackalope, among others. Jon was recently Jeff Recommended in Fight Direction for his work in Cyrano with BoHo Theatre Company.

He is the resident fight director and company member of Muse of Fire Theater, and has appeared in over eleven productions at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Jon is also a ACE  Certified Personal Trainer and trains at Urban Athlete in Ravenswood. To learn more about Jon and see his full portfolio, visit his website by clicking below!



The 'K' in JK

Kai is an enthusiast of the arts martial and a Guro of the Garimot Arnis system. Part martial artist, part stunt performer, part choreographer. He is truly grateful for having discovered the magic of illusory violence. As resident fight director of Otherworld theatre, he's constantly supplied with a vast sandbox of violence design with which to play. When not delving into the unknown with his OtherWorlders, he can be seen performing stunts for film or working with the Lyric Opera, as well as choreographing for storefront theatre around the Chicagoland area.